Digital Decision Journeys


The term ‘Digital Decision Journeys’ is frequently used in the financial services industry to describe the customer onboarding experience and decisioning activities of data processing systems resulting in a lending application being accepted or declined. Whilst the term ‘Digital Decision Journeys’ typically refers to an underpinning technology platform, it is closely linked with the customer decision journey (CDJ); a model that shows how customers complete a purchase. The CDJ maps the journey a customer will make when they make a purchase. It tracks different phases to help marketers understand more about where and what they should be doing.

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Digital Doesn’t Have to Mean Binary

The slow-pace of change by financial lenders from binary online customer applications workflows to iterative digital onboarding decisioning

When Lending Goes Wrong

What are the downsides to getting borrower onboarding or the balance wrong between lending opportunity and risk?  In this article we summarize some of the more eyewatering consequences of poor lending approaches and strategies.Aug 2018—Payday lender Wonga goes into...
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