PrinSIX and AccountScore announce partnership to deliver optimised Open Banking journeys

May 13, 2021 | Technologies

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West Yorkshire, United Kingdom May 13, 2021 – Open Banking News from PrinSIX Technologies—A UK Fintech start-up rethinking lending through the orchestration of on-demand PERSONALISED LENDING JOURNEYS for lenders

PrinSIX announces it has entered into a partnership with AccountScore, leaders in open banking data analytics.  The partnership will allow lenders and other Financial Services businesses to deploy Open Banking within intelligent, personalised onboarding journeys.

Open Banking describes the use of open APIs that enable third-party developers to build applications and services by painlessly sharing data insights across financial institutions, bringing broader yet controlled financial transparency options for account holders.

AccountScore’s leading Open Banking solution offers rich insights into customers’ circumstances.  PrinSIX creates smart Open Banking journeys, optimising conversational outcomes while delivering the best possible customer experience.    Lenders can refine their use of Open Banking by continually testing onboarding journeys.  Unification of the two technologies creates a compelling proposition for lenders to embrace Open Banking safely and effectively.

Julian Graham-Rack, PrinSIX Technologies CEO, says, “We are delighted to partner with AccountScore’s market-leading Open Banking solutions.  It means we can jointly resolve the practical issues faced by lenders of including Open Banking within effective customer onboarding journeys.”

Open banking is transforming how customers share their details with lenders and other businesses.  While firms are adopting it quickly, Open Banking is very new for everyone in the industry.

Graham-Rack adds, “We’re right at the start of the Open Banking journey, and there’s a lot to learn.  Lenders will have to change rapidly as they learn those lessons.  It’s therefore important they can implement changes rapidly and easily–as their need develops.  Technology needs to enable this change, not act against it. The combination of the AccountScore leading Open Banking product with PrinSIX advanced dynamic journey technology simplifies and de-risks deployments for lenders.”

Emma Steeley, CEO at AccountScore, says, “I am really excited by this partnership as it offers clients a simple way to deploy Open Banking in their application process.  One of the challenges faced by lenders is allocating internal resources to transform their application process.  PrinSIX’s technology creates the opportunity to resolve this.”

About PrinSIX

PrinSIX offers a services-led digital platform that uses real-time analytical learning ‘at the speed of digital’ to orchestrating unique customer onboarding journeys, one decision stage at a time.  PrinSIX meets the needs of lenders, regulators, and customers fully and simultaneously; equipping lenders to maximize customer experience and lending while minimizing cost and risk; with a major concern being regulatory compliance.

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About AccountScore

AccountScore is an analytics business that provides actionable insights and analytics on bank transaction data for its clients – typically banks and financial services companies who want to learn more about their customers, prospects, and applicants.  The company brings access to bank transaction data through Open Banking and delivers cutting-edge transaction analytics to drive value. Where clients already have bank transaction data, data is imported and AccountScore provides analytics through its dashboards or by API. Accounts can be analysed individually, or multiple accounts can be processed with millions of transaction rows in a single import.

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