At PrinSIX we create the most effective personalized customer lending journey – so you don’t have to

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New Customer Volume


Applicant Conversion


Bad Debt Reduction

*Actual figures based on the experiences of a UK-based alternative lender 

56% of respondents have abandoned an online finance application according to a survey by Signicat

Our configurable conversational onboarding platform is built on the game changing principle of dynamic digital conversations. It delivers more (profitable) customers, of better quality, at a lower cost while reducing regulatory risk.

43% of consumers surveyed cite ‘application processes taking too long’ as the biggest reason for abandonment.  But it doesn’t stop there…

Prospective buyers abandon their application for any number of reasons, but many of routes to failure result from a fundamental:  Every buyer is different and needs to be treated differently. 

Today’s onboarding journeys are inadequate.  Their One Size Fits All static web forms try to find a compromise between stakeholders’ conflicting demands, but fails to deliver any of them well.  Marketing performance, customer value, journey conversion, operational efficiency and regulatory risk are not properly optimized.  

Developed by lenders to deliver the needs of borrowers and lenders in an environment of growing regulatory and commercial risk

For Borrowers

  • Simple and straightforward applications
  • Affordable, sustainable, suitable lending

For Lenders

  • Reduced regulatory risk
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased marketing efficiency
  • Increased yield on deployed cash


New Customer Volume


Applicant Conversion


Bad Debt Reduction


Decrease in Fraud

*Actual figures based on the experiences of a UK-based alternative lender 


Open Banking offers lenders a transformative opportunity to understand customers’ financial circumstances. While Open Banking data supports better decision making, onboarding journeys with Open Banking will have a substantially poorer conversion performance than those without.


Our Story

Discover why the PrinSIX executive team decided to create the business, challenge current approaches to onboarding, and build a platform of personalized lending journeys, created one step at a time…


The Challenge

Lenders want to maximize customer experience and lending while minimizing cost and risk; with a major concern being regulatory compliance – an existential threat!


The Platform

Find out how we orchestrate dynamic conversations that adapt to every applicant as more is learnt, – configured, not coded – resulting in greater lending at lower risks.


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