Fusion of Analytics & Technology

Extraordinary Digital Journeys

Optimise your customer and commercial outcomes with analytically powered personal journeys.

Create better journeys, faster and more economically, to unlock digital opportunities stuck in your IT backlogs.

Delivering exceptional

customer experiences
operational efficiencies
risk control
speed of delivery
returns on investment


New Customer Volume


Applicant Conversion


Operational Costs


Commercial Risk

Happy customers

What we do

Agile digital onboarding solutions for Financial Services

By continuously building analytical understanding of each customer, through dynamic digital transformation journeys that adapt to personal circumstances, customer outcomes are optimised, regulatory obligations satisfied, commercial risk controlled, and product suitability guaranteed.

Digital Journeys powered by
data and analytics

PrinSIX reverses the paradigm.

No more fixed customer journeys that control the data provided to analytics – we put analytics in charge of the journeys orchestration.

Predictive analytics, risk analytics, behavioural analytics can all decide the best way to serve each customer, in real time.

Customer journeys,
not web journeys

PrinSIX orchestrates every component that makes up an end to end customer journey experience – website, third party components, contract centre, back office actions, process automation and decisioning to optimise customer outcomes and minimise cost to serve.

Taking IT out of Digital Transformation

We empower commercial teams to own every element of a digital journey throughout their organisations. Our no-code platform creates unified digital experiences across legacy technologies.

Digital innovation does not mean technical rearchitecting. We fit to your technology stack; you don’t need to fit to ours. Delivering your digital vision no longer means having to transform existing technical infrastructure first.

The PrinSIX Platform

The Old Way

  • Hard coded and static
  • Owned by IT department
  • Treat everyone the same
  • Slow/expensive to build, inflexible to change
  • Inaccessible customer insight & intelligence


  • Code free, agile SaaS platform
  • Drives efficiency/profitability
  • Bespoke customer engagement
  • Owned and delivered by the business, not IT
  • Automates repetitive processes
  • Fast deployment—Live in weeks
  • Facilitates deep insight

About PrinSIX

PrinSIX is a digital orchestration platform that empowers financial services businesses to create extraordinary customer journeys.

We help our clients do it digitally, by making it personal.

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