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To make more CUSTOMERS with less RISK

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We Help Lenders Offer Responsible Credit Profitably

The PrinSIX platform and team helps lenders across all sectors of consumer credit get a full understanding of applicants through highly efficient application journeys that turn good applicants into responsible borrowers.


Our Story: A Platform Designed BY Lenders FOR Lenders

Julian Graham Rack, CEO and Co-Founder of PrinSIX

The PrinSIX three principles of simplifying journeys, transforming understanding and accelerating improvement are derived from direct experience.

The founders of PrinSIX were previously part of the executive team of a sub-prime lender.  We share a common enthusiasm for the potential of digital technology to respond to the modern challenges of consumer lending in a way that respects the FCA mandate to ‘Treat Customers Fairly’ (‘Principle 6‘); to deliver GOOD CUSTOMER OUTCOMES and ADD CUSTOMERS, with LESS RISK.

Sub-prime was an excellent explorative environment because:

  • The sub-prime market serves customers with reduced access to mainstream credit. Their risk of being in one of the FCA’s four causes of vulnerable, reduced financial resilience, requires increased assessments.
  • The consequence of increased customers’ assessment is increased journey friction, increasing application abandonment. Combined with an inevitable increase in declines through rigorous responsible lending evaluations, sub-prime business models are negatively impacted; displaying reduced marketing and operational efficiencies.
  • Early intervention by the FCA in the sub-prime lending market in 2014 delivered early insight into their emerging approach to the regulation and supervision of the broader lending market.

Executive Team

PrinSIX was created by lenders for lenders. The company was formed by Julian Graham-Rack (CEO) and Richard Cornelius (CTO).

The genesis of PrinSIX is Julian and Richard’s experience in transforming a high cost lending business through digital and analytical innovation, creating a business that met regulatory expectations profitably.

This knowledge and experience, a total commitment to lending responsibly, an obsession with optimising conversion and a determination to deliver good outcomes for borrowers and lenders are at the heart of PrinSIX. Their experiences are directly relevant to any form of consumer credit.



The PrinSIX Board provides great breadth and depth of experience to support and oversight the development the PrinSIX business.

Sid Vasili (Chairman) has exceptional experience in developing, scaling and selling FCA regulated and internationally regulated FinTech businesses in FS and payments.

Gary Parlett (Non Executive Director) provides his deep knowledge and experience from founding and leading a specialist technical and digital innovation consultancy.

Rob Memmott (Investor) brings a background of financial control, oversight and risk governance from Group CFO roles within listed and regulated business.

All three directors strongly compliment Julian Graham-Rack (CEO), with his UK and international experience in consumer credit and other regulated digital markets.

Information Security You Can Rely On

PrinSIX is certified in effective management of information security risks and data.

The ISO 27001 certification has an international reputation of excellence, requiring a regular review by an independent body, so you can be sure your data is secure with us.

british assessment bureau information security management ISO 27001 badge

ISO 27001 Information Security Certification

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