About PrinSIX

PrinSIX is a digital orchestration platform that empowers financial services businesses to create extraordinary customer journeys. 

We Believe

  • People are unique and should be served uniquely
  • Treating customers uniquely is powerful in all markets
  • Treating customers uniquely is critical in regulated markets
  • The biggest barrier to digital adoption is today’s technology
  • Data is the fuel that drives digital experiences
  • Digital optimisation should be an obsession that never stops

Our Journey

The PrinSIX journey started when the PrinSIX team ran a digital lending business. Ever increasing regulation was creating layers of customer friction, increased operational inefficiency, and setting new challenges beyond credit risk for decision scientists to assess customers individual circumstances. We understood that our customer journeys defined our business model, and that model was under threat. We realised that customer journeys could no longer be hard coded and inflexible. We believed that analytics could revolutionise customer journeys.

The Team Today

We understand that the digital challenges we faced are common to many regulated and unregulated digital businesses across many sectors. We are passionate about digital and analytics innovation. We are excited by the value that we unlock for our clients through hyper-personalised journeys powered from the data we liberate from their data silos. We are proud that our clients’ speed of digital innovation is no longer defined by speed of technical delivery.

Meet the team

Julian Graham-Rack

Julian Graham-Rack

Chief Executive

Over 20 years experience in leading regulated digital businesses.
Martin Watts

Martin Watts


20 years commercial leadership and sales development within technology markets.

Richard Cornelius

Richard Cornelius

Chief Technology Officer

10 years experience in IT architecture and innovation in consumer credit
Lisa Lennon

Lisa Lennon


12 year experience in IT Delivery & Operations and digital transformation

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