PrinSIX Transforms Personalised Lending with Release of New Platform

Nov 30, 2020 | Technologies

Leeds-UK, 7th December 2020—PrinSIX announces the launch of its new lending platform for the creation of optimised customer onboarding journeys for financial services lenders.  The new cloud-based technology platform transforms financial onboarding—specifically, the piece between ‘Apply Now’ and ‘You have been approved’—equipping lenders and other risk businesses to safely meet regulatory obligations while maximising profitability.

The lending industry has gone online, creating a greater distance between lenders and borrowers.  Lenders seek to optimise their applications processes, recognising that:

  • Customers want a simple, intuitive and straightforward application journey
  • Regulators require an in-depth understanding of applicants’ circumstances
  • Lenders demand cost-efficient marketing and operational processes
  • Everyone wants affordable, responsible and sustainable lending

PrinSIX’s leadership team came from the alternative lending market.  From a series of real-world learning experiences, the team recognized the positive business impacts of simplifying journeys, transforming understanding and accelerating improvement.  These principles were applied by the PrinSIX founders to transform an alternative lending business; the performance of the approach evidenced in quantifiable performance metrics:

  • Applicant conversion increased by 300%
  • New customer volumes increased by 30%
  • Bad debt reduced by 27%
  • Fraud decreased by an estimated 10%
  • Increased communications engagement
  • Reduced and targeted journey intervention
  • Reduced customer support queries

The PrinSIX digital lending platform delivers out-of-the-box best practise that comes from the direct experience of the needs of lenders to meet the demanding standards required by the regulator while mitigating impact of regulation on applicant conversion and business efficiency. 

PrinSIX CEO, Julian Graham-Rack, says,

“Our digital platform combines real-time analytical learning with deep understanding of consumer lending to—for the first time in the industry—reimagine customer onboarding for the digital age.  Our services-led digital platform orchestrates unique customer onboarding journeys, one decision stage at a time.  It optimises each step of digital onboarding to achieve the optimal balance between acquisition cost and lending risk.”

To help lenders measure the health of their current onboarding approach, PrinSIX offers an Onboarding Health Check.  This consultation reviews your existing onboarding processes and how well they meet commercial and regulatory objectives.


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