Our solution

The PrinSIX Platform

PrinSIX is a SaaS based customer journey platform, providing significant benefits over traditional customer journey development approaches.

The PrinSIX Platform

The Old Way

  • Hard coded and static
  • Owned by IT department
  • Treat everyone the same
  • Slow/expensive to build, inflexible to change
  • Inaccessible customer insight & intelligence


  • Code free, agile SaaS platform
  • Drives efficiency/profitability
  • Bespoke customer engagement
  • Owned and delivered by the business, not IT
  • Automates repetitive processes
  • Fast deployment—Live in weeks
  • Facilitates deep insight

How does the platform work?

PrinSIX Data orchestrates every element of customer data, requesting, storing, and processing it to understand each customer dynamically and effect the journey in real-time, based on this understanding. Capability includes – 

Holistic and Comprehensive

Every piece of data and insight ever captured is stored, nothing is lost.

Customer Segmentation

Automation of customer cohort strategies to optimise personalisation.

Analytics and Decisioning

Data drives customer journeys through data management analytics and decisioning.

Management Information

Unprecedented insights into customers’ digital experiences, customer outcomes and business performance.


Fully automated data retention and other GDPR policies.

PrinSIX Customer defines and controls all customer interactions. A suite of highly adaptable UX and communications tools deliver world class personalised customer experiences​.

Customer UX

PrinSIX empowers businesses users to design omni-channel customer experiences. No more one size fits all web forms, but digital conversations where every question asked is relevant to the individual.

Customer Portals

Customer portals are fully dynamic, presenting information and journey options that are relevant to the individual at that point in time.


Dynamic communications strategies deliver the right message at the right time over the right channel. 


Understand and optimise customer experience, customer journey and customer outcome.

Test and learn

Every element of every journey can be A/B tested, to support perpetual optimisation.

PrinSIX Operations automates repetitive tasks, releasing teams to serve customers where they add value. Highly targeted operational tasks improves agent experience and maximises team productivity​.

Capability includes –

Dynamic Workflows

PrinSIX automated workflows are driven by the customer and customer needs. Workflow actions are only triggered when they add value.  

Operations portals

Assign tasks, based on role, experience and authority, with the information needed to do the job.

Process Automation

Automate tasks through the rich insights within PrinSIX Data.  

Oversight and QA

Every task is tracked and stored, powering operational optimisation and team member performance management.   

PrinSIX Connect makes integration with internal and third party services simple and quick. External systems can be included into customer journeys in minutes​.

We fit to you

PrinSIX integrates to your technical architecture, substantially remove technical effort and timescales.

Removing barriers to innovation

Building new connectors to third-party services is simple.

Rapid deployment

PrinSIX Connectors can be included into customer journeys in minutes.

Connector Marketplace

A range of existing integrations available to use today.

Breakdown barriers

Unify disparate data stuck in data silos.

Typical connections include systems of record, data services, CRM platforms, payment services, micro-services.

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