Our digital platform curates personalized lending journeys in real-time


Introducing Dynamic Journeys

The PrinSIX platform changes the paradigm, reversing the relationship between the application journey and the analytics. No longer is a fixed journey collecting the same data for everyone, with a one way hand off to a decision engine. With PrinSIX, the analytics controls every step of the customer journey, in real time.

The journey develops dynamically...

The journey develops dynamically, as an applicant’s circumstances are more understood. This ensures that any signs of vulnerability are fully explored. It also ensures customers are only asked the questions required for their specific circumstances, making the application as concise as possible.

A range of tools deliver unique behavioral insights...

A range of tools deliver unique behavioural insights, granular tracking, predictive outcomes, risk controls and commercial controls. These transform a lender’s ability to deliver both good customer outcomes and good commercial outcomes.

Our solution works with a lender's decisioning platform...

Our solution works with a lender’s existing decisioning platform, or provide all decisioning requirements independently. All decisioning components can be managed by a lender’s in-house credit risk department. Equally, some or all decision models can be provided and monitored by PrinSIX’s highly experienced decision science team.


Analytically driven customer journeys deliver the best outcome for borrowers, profitably for lenders

Lenders want to maximize customer experience and lending while minimizing cost and risk; with a major concern being regulatory compliance – an existential threat.

To achieve these outcomes, lenders seek to improve their applications process but there is no complete onboarding solution today that satisfies the needs of lenders, regulators and customers fully and simultaneously. The present state-of-the-art is to create hard-coded ‘routes to lending’ linked to a decision engine that executes analytical decisioning. However, these technology constructs do not tailor customer journeys based on individual circumstances.


Dynamic Journeys
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 Flexible, highly targeted, journeys that continually improve.

Valuable new insights to support better decisions for financial services firms.

Maximizes the number of applicants who become borrowers.

Compliance controls deliver risk appetite, commercial controls deliver profitability.

Journey elements are configured, not coded.  A universal API layer allows connections to any third party service.

Our Platform

The four pillars of the platform are:


Dynamic questioning decides what needs to be asked as a lender’s understanding of an applicant grows



Tracking applicants’ every click, field entry, validation and page change through the application journey


Predicting future lender and borrower outcomes to support better management decisions



Highly adaptable journeys continually optimised through proprietary tracking without the need for IT development

Do you offer instalment loans, revolving credit, credit cards, store credit, mail order, in fact any form of consumer credit? Get in touch today and our team will demonstrate how the PrinSIX solution can improve your key risk and commercial objectives.