Why PrinSIX? Digital Transformation Tools

We understand firms want to be digitally innovative. PrinSIX empowers business users to create hyper-personalised customer journeys at incredible pace. We remove the technical barriers that typically constrain most organisations’ digital ambitions.

Minimise friction

By tailoring the customer experience for each individual by asking only necessary questions, optimizing and understanding conversion for every individual.

Increase efficiency and consistency

By automating manual tasks, allowing resources to focus on where they add most value.

Leverage customer insight

At every stage of the journey to guide the next steps, determining whether to offer to the applicant or not.

Why is PrinSIX different to others?

Easy to deploy (from concept to live within 6 weeks).

Easy to amend/iterate/learn – everything is configured, not coded.

No requirement to change existing legacy systems and data sources.

Significant operational cost savings.

Huge speed efficiencies i.e. time to serve customers and applicants from weeks to minutes.

Designed to be owned and operated by the business, not IT.

Our Digital Principles

Our Six Principles of Digital Experience

Build around the customer

Every journey must be personal, created for each customer individually to ensure the experience is as short and simple as possible without compromising the journey’s purpose.

Data is the foundation

Data and analytics provide the deep insight required to serve each customer personally. 

The richer the data insights, the better the customer experience.


Iterate, iterate, iterate,

Iterative improvement delivers benefits quicker, cheaper and at lower risk.  Iteration never stops.

Journey optimisation is never complete.

Focus on efficiency

Inefficient customer journeys are expensive to deliver and compromise the experience.  Only involve operational resource when they truly add value to each customer’s journey.

Break down barriers

Internal structural, departmental, and technical barriers must be invisible to the customer.  Technology must help remove structural barriers, not reinforce them.  Effective Journeys are delivered through human and technical collaboration.


Owned by the business

Delivery of the digital experience should be owned, designed and delivered by the business.

Removing IT dependencies to create and continually improve the customer experience.

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