Why PrinSIX? Digital Transformation Tools

We understand firms want to be digitally innovative. Most organisations’ digital ambitions are unfulfilled because of technology restrictions. This is why it’s now more important than ever to invest in digital transformation to improve omnichannel customer experience and conversions.

The digital transformation journey



  • Manual procedures
  • Uses fragmented and legacy technology
  • Flexible, but not scalable
  • Inefficient and expensive
  • Inconsistent
  • Inaccessible data

Gen-One Digital

  • Hard coded and static
  • Owned by IT department
  • Treats everyone the same
  • Slow/expensive to build, inflexible to change
  • Inaccessible insight, analytics and intelligence

PrinSIX Digital

  • Code free and agile SaaS platform
  • Drives efficiency/profitability
  • Bespoke customer engagement
  • Owned and delivered by the business
  • Automates repetitive processes
  • Fast deployment – Live in weeks
  • Facilitates deep insight

How we help combine digital and business transformations

We recognise that technology is inhibiting digital change and innovation.
The PrinSIX platform delivers every journey element, without changes to core business systems. Every time a customer asks to be served; a journey is triggered – a journey that includes every required element of self-service, assisted service, back office, data analytics and decisioning.

Digital Today

PrinSIX Digital

Speed of change



Cost of change



Quality of solution



Business disruption



Technical disruption



Return on investment



Delivery risk



We change business performance


New Customer Volume


Applicant Conversion


Operational Costs


Commercial Risk

For us, it’s personal

We understand customers are complex. Complexity in their product needs and eligibility, in their personal circumstances, financial resilience, vulnerability, commercial risk and regulatory obligations. Each customer needs to be understood before serving them.

Today’s Digital is poor at understanding complex customer needs. Digital journeys are typically long, put many customers through unnecessary steps, and rely heavily on people to do repetitive, low value activities. Customer experience is poor, business efficiency is low.

PrinSIX Digital understands that every customer needs to be individually understood. The customer journey must be as short as it can be, but as long as it needs to be to fully understand needs and risks. Every step in our journey is relevant to the individual. Hyper personalised journeys where every question, every action, every data request, every assessment is dynamically created as customer understanding grows.

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