Transforming Financial Onboarding Journeys

Nov 30, 2020 | Technologies

PrinSIX add customers

At PrinSIX, we help lenders to personalise lending journeys.  Our services-led digital platform orchestrates unique customer onboarding journeys, one decision stage at a time.  We optimise digital onboarding, by simplifying journeys, transforming understanding and accelerating improvement to achieve the optimal balance between Acquisition Cost and Lending Risk.

The results (in numbers)

The performance of the approach is clearly evidenced in quantifiable performance metrics;


  • Applicant conversion increased by 300%
  • New customer volumes increased by 30%
  • Bad debt reduced by 27%
  • Fraud decreased by an estimated 10%

Our business is very simple: we transform the financial onboarding application process. Our aim is to assist lenders and other risk businesses to safely meet regulatory obligations while maximising profitability.


PrinSIX is:


  • A 360-degree solution – our personalised onboarding journeys deliver value to lenders, borrowers and regulators simultaneously
  • Embracing the state of the art – built on Microsoft Azure and inherits security, stability and performance benefits along with artificial intelligence and web chat technologies
  • Aware of what we’re doing – our expert team previously achieved game-changing results leading a Payday lending business. We understand your lending challenges and the regulatory expectations demanded.

About the Author

Julian Graham-Rack
UK CEO – PrinSIX Technologies

Julian is CEO and founder of PrinSIX Technology, a FinTech delivering a unique new approach for lenders to meet their regulatory and commercial onboarding objectives.

Julian’s passion for innovation within consumer lending came from his five years’ experience as the UK CEO of the US sub-prime lender Curo Group.  Joining in 2014, Julian was set the challenge transformed an old style payday lender into an innovative digital lender in an FCA regulated world.  This experience, gained from testing and refining new digital and analytical regulatory and commercial strategies with FCA oversight was the inspiration for PrinSIX.  It inspired the creation of a proposition to help meet every lender’s challenge of optimising commercial outcomes without compromising customer outcomes.

During this time Julian was also president of the Consumer Finance Association, the trade body that represents the interests of the alternative lending industry.

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