Digital Decision Engine


In the sphere of financial lending a Digital Decision Engine is a technology component (today, largely formed around Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning technologies) used to arbitrate lending decisions. Lenders want to maximize customer experience and lending while minimizing cost and risk; with a major concern being regulatory compliance – an existential threat!
To achieve these outcomes, lenders seek to improve their applications process but there is no complete onboarding solution today that satisfies the needs of lenders, regulators and customers fully and simultaneously. The present state-of-the-art is to create hard-coded ‘routes to lending’ by operating a decision engine that executes analytical decisioning. However, these technology constructs do not tailor customer journeys based on individual circumstances.
PrinSIX is a services-led digital platform for orchestrating unique customer onboarding journeys, one decision stage at a time. Loan Management Software Our business is very simple: we transform financial onboarding, specifically, the piece between ‘Apply Now’ and ‘You have been approved’, so that lenders and other risk businesses can safely meet regulatory obligations while maximising profitability. We:
• Orchestrate dynamic conversations that adapt to every applicant as more is learnt, – configured, not coded – resulting in greater lending at lower risks
• Personalise customer journeys, minimising abandonment by delivering an improved customer experience
• Equip organisations to act on new insights, captured by tracking applicant behaviours real time to hone onboarding processes over time

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Powering curiosity—the data to make decisions

Business intelligence calls for decision-driving data. How do you create an information system that keeps up with changing objectives?

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