Treating Customers Fairly

How can lenders manage risk, make the best decisions to maximise commercial opportunities while honouring commitments to treat customers fairly?   What does ‘treating customers fairly’ look like in online lending methods and tools?   Read the latest on this topic.


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Vulnerability – How Effective Are Digital Customer Journeys?

What we learned from the FCA Sandbox.  Read our latest article today…

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PrinSIX Article on Commercial and Compliance Lending Risk

PrinSIX is Attending Credit Summit 2021

PrinSIX is Attending Credit Summit 2021

PrinSIX Technologies is to attend Credit Summit 2021, 14th-16th JuneWhat to Expect The Credit Summit 2021 is an exclusive digital event organised by Credit Strategy with a focus on the most pressing issues faced by credit experts. Running 14th-16th June, attendees...

Embracing Principle 6 by Design (Read our Checklist)

Embracing Principle 6 by Design (Read our Checklist)

The FCA’s Principle 6 - 'A firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly.' Compliance or culture?The lenders’ balancing actConsumer lending today is hard. In addition to the competition that exists in any financial services segment,...

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Our Analysis

Optimising both regulatory and commercial objectives is hard

Lenders have two objectives, to lend responsibly and lend profitably.  Delivering both can be done, but it’s difficult, and success or failure will be determined by lenders onboarding journeys.   

Journeys must balance the need for speed with the need for insight.  Journeys that understand a customers’ total commercial value as well as their potential vulnerability and regulatory risk. 

The primary tension between commercial and regulatory objectives is conversion. Long journeys don’t convert as well as short ones, but short journeys reduce understanding, elevating regulatory risk.  Journeys must be long enough, but only as long as they need to be.  That’s why ‘one size fits all isn’t good enough any more. 

How PrinSIX can help

Onboarding today is inadequate to manage these two challenges.  PrinSIX’s platform equips organisations to create dynamic, personalised, agile journeys – one applicant at a time.  

About PrinSIX Technologies

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We make innovation work for businesses around the world.

PrinSIX offers a services-led digital platform that uses real-time analytical learning ‘at the speed of digital’ to orchestrate unique customer onboarding journeys, one decision stage at a time.  PrinSIX meets the needs of lenders, regulators and customers fully and simultaneously; equipping lenders to maximize customer experience and lending while minimizing cost and risk; with a major concern being regulatory compliance—an existential threat.  

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