One Time Customer Digital Engagements

Firms need to regularly engage with customers on a one off basis to understand and address specific issues relevant to a limited cohort of customers.  The FCA’s consumer duty will only increase the need for targeted engagements, as negative customer outcomes are identified, their impact on each customer understood and addressed.

The Objectives

Customer objectives

Understand the reason a firm is contacting me quickly, and provide what is required easily.

Commercial objectives

Reduce operational costs to design and implement the engagement activity.  Maximise customer digital engagement with minimum commercial disruption.

Risk & Compliance objectives

Understand customers and implement appropriate actions to resolve the impact of poor customer outcomes.

Operations objectives

Minimise the need for direct contact.

The PrinSIX solution

PrinSIX removes the need to handle these customers through capacity constrained call centres. 

Instead,  customer self-service digital journeys, triggered by both digital and non-digital personalised communications, allow customers to be quickly understood and served to deliver the best customer outcomes.

Analytically optimised contact strategies maximise customer engagement and completion.

Email performance metrics (delivered / bounced / opened / journey triggered) provide rich data to both evidence customer engagement and waterfall comm’s strategies.

One Time Customer Digital Engagements

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