High-performance onboarding journey orchestration

Our Software as a service (SaaS) customer onboarding platform was designed for businesses that need to gain a full understanding of a customer in order to provide them with suitable financial products and services.

customer onboarding application

Create intelligent, dynamic journeys to automate application processes

PrinSIX customer onboarding software lets you:

  • Interpret applicant circumstances
  • Perform vulnerability and affordability checks, KYC and AML assessments
  • Gain powerful data analytics capabilities
  • Customise the ‘learning’ process
  • Source predictive data insights
  • Point and click deployment
  • Share information securely
  • Auto-integrate with Open Banking
  • Utilize time-saving AI tools
  • Integrate fintech features
  • Automate the audit trail

What to consider when building a digital onboarding journey


What device is the borrower using and how can the journey be optimised to deliver the best user experience?

Questions desktop - prinsix demo screenshot example
Questions mobile - prinsix demo screenshot 1


Most applications processes today are:

What messages need to be sent, when, and how can questions be phrased to maximise results?

Build questions - prinsix demo screenshot- showing how to build questions in a personalised digital journey


What else does the decisioning engine need to know? What risks should be considered?


  • Regulatory risk
  • Fraud risk
  • Product design / complexity
  • Product eligibility
prinsix demo screenshot- showing a conditional split in a personalised digital journey


Do I need to ask for help? Who else needs to know about the status of my lender application?

Customer Onboarding Software Architecture

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Use Cases

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Social Tariffs

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