Industry Challenges

Consumer Credit

For companies that need to know their customers intimately before serving them, it’s become increasingly difficult to balance regulatory and commercial risks with opportunity

Make it easier to achieve good customer outcomes and say yes more often without compliance risks

Today’s customer onboarding solutions are one-size-fits-all, limited by technology. Our ready-to-go digital transformation platform equips business teams to combine and orchestrate six key elements to create digital customer onboarding solutions – without IT roadblocks.

Win more customers by personalising every application, improving customer experience and cutting abandonment rates

Understand customers better with 'listening' digital conversations to deliver better customer outcomes faster

Assess each customer’s commercial and regulatory risk through multi-channel engagement and analytical assessment

Financially quantify the risk associated with each customer, adopting a compliance-by-design ethos to satisfy new Customer Duty requirements

Leverage any internal and external data services including Open Banking, to better assess potential vulnerability

Remove IT dependencies by configuring customer engagement, not coding it

How do you make sure every new customer onboarding opportunity is balanced with commercial and compliance risk?

According to the FCA , over ¼ of the UK’s population should be considered financially vulnerable. When 1 in every 4 customers has either eligibility, affordability , resilience or financial health challenges, how can you confidently take on more customers

With PrinSIX’s ready-to-use digital transformation, you can serve every customer.

Find out how our platform ‘listens’ to your customers before serving up the best outcomes.

All this, while reducing commercial and compliance risks.

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