Credit Summit 2021: Interview with Julian Graham-Rack

Jun 24, 2021 | Financial Services

credit summit 2021

PrinSIX was delighted to participate in Credit Summit 2021 which ran between 14th-16th June. The exclusive digital event, organised by Credit Strategy, explored the most pressing issues faced by credit experts in 2021, whilst providing opportunities for cross-industry learning.

In the video below, PrinSIX CEO, Julian Graham-Rack participates in a pre-event interview conducted by Credit Strategy. Questions centre around challenges lenders have faced over the lockdown period and now in a post-COVID world. He also explains what visitors can expect from PrinSIX’s participation at Credit Summit 2021.

Fireside Chat: ‘Digital Onboarding Must Change’

During the event, Julian Graham-Rack sat down with Credit Summit for a discussion about the importance of digital onboarding to improve customer experience and reduce credit risk. We are delighted that our fireside chat session was so well received. Thanks to all those who attended!  Clearly, digital onboarding, and specifically the need to meet FCA regulatory demands, touched a nerve!

Watch the full video below.

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