Serving Existing Customers

  • Is upsell conversion too low, limiting customer value?
  • Are customers having to speak to people for tasks they should be able to do online?  
  • Are you unable to use customer data to improve customer service?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, then PrinSIX is the solution

Measurable Business Goals

Core KPIs


Customer lifetime value

Contact centre inbound contact rate


Call abandonment rates

PrinSIX Journeys will:

Reduce customer churn triggers by improving service journey

Proactively engage and retain with ‘at risk’ customers

Create frictionless personalised digital upsell and cross sell journeys

Increase self-service rates

PrinSIX achieves these performance improvements by removing technical barriers, accelerating timescales and reducing the cost of delivering highly personalised customer journeys.

Upsell Conversion

Faster Applications

Hyper-personalization that shortens journeys and removes rekeying of existing information minimizes drop off and improves conversion rates.


Deep insight into customer behaviour allows tailored communications to be sent to individual via the right method at the right time, enhancing engagement and conversion.

Digitise Every Customer Engagement

Lead with digital and remove “call our call centre” when you need a customer to respond to a letter or an email. PrinSIX journeys are so quick to create that our clients use them for friction free, highly personalised upsell or cross sell campaigns to increase customer lifetime value.

Customer Self-Service

Avoid Workarounds

PrinSIX allows digital journeys to work for every customer cohort, reducing the manual processes for customers that don’t follow the ‘happy path’. Only engage operational resource in journeys when they really add value to customers to the customer experience.

Client Portals

Easily create customer portals and ‘my account’ areas to make digital self-service easy to find with functionality customers expect

Cross-channel and Hybrid Journeys

Journeys that are as easy as possible for customers to engage with. Journeys that move across customer devices, that get agents involved only when it adds real value.

Self Service Convenience

Journeys that empower your customers to serve themselves when and where they want. We remove the technical and data silos that get in the way of a seamless customer experience.

Use Data for Customer Service

Data Access and Understanding

Seamless integrations into various services allows a holistic view of a customer to give the best understanding of the customer circumstances and truly personalised customer experiences.

Identify Opportunities

Customer actions recorded in the data can be used to identify the risk of customer attrition or the opportunity of additional product needs.

Key Example KPI Improvements


Operational costs


Call abandonment rates

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