Onboarding New Customers

  • Are you failing to convert potential new customers through your onboarding journeys?
  • Are operational inefficiencies limiting your ability to scale?
  • Are you able to identify the problems but don’t have the ability to resolve them?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, then PrinSIX is the solution

Measurable Business Goals

Core Journey KPIs that PrinSIX improves

New customer conversion rate

New customer volume

New customer acquisition cost


Third-party services costs

PrinSIX achieves these performance improvements by personalizing the journey for every customer to maximise conversion through the use of personalised customer journeys with minimal manual offline tasks.

Drive Conversion

Personalised Journeys

Customer experiences that adapt to emerging insight simplifies onboarding journeys for each applicant. Using dynamic question sets which are tailored to individual needs, we capture only the necessary information with the aim to avoid unnecessary financial exclusions, manual workarounds or journey drop offs.

Third Party Solutions

All the latest third-party tools and services can be used within your onboarding journeys effortlessly. Drag and drop them to where you want to include them for the customers you want them for


Deep insight into customer behaviour allows tailored communications to be sent to individual via the right method at the right time, enhancing re-engagement and conversion.

Tracked Journeys

Every piece of data is stored, every step recorded, every outcome measured, delivering exceptional insights into journey performance. AI monitoring provides insight into potential causes for drop offs and A/B test and learn tools lets you continually improve journey performance.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Reduce workload

Ensuring digital journeys work for the everyone and not just the majority reduced the manual processes for the edge cases, allowing operational resource to really add value to customers where it is needed.

Focused actions

Specific operational actions direct agents to only get involved where they add value and focus them on the specific task needed to serve the customer. This improves both customer and agent experience.

Process Monitoring

Process monitoring insight into operational workflows, promptly identifies areas of concern, whether related to processes or individual users, allowing timely interventions or improvements.

Take control of the Journey

Journey Management

Control each step of the journey, leveraging data to determine the next action tailored to both business and customer needs.

Single Customer View

Advanced algorithms ensure each customer exists uniquely, offering deep insights to support automated decision-making

Data Caching

Leverage existing data to shorten journeys and reduce costs associated with third-party interactions.

Key Example KPI Improvements


Customer Volume increase


Applicant Conversion

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