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Fast-track your knowledge about the benefits of digital onboarding and open banking by learning through our FCA Sandbox experience!

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In this White Paper, PrinSIX describes its FCA Sandbox project experience.  The document describes learning lessons that came out of the Sandbox, specifically the potential for lenders to deploy smart vulnerability strategies through personalised customer onboarding journeys via integrated digital and agent channels. 

Through this white paper you will learn:

What challenges is the lending industry facing?

How can financial services providers hope to balance the risks and rewards of lending by harnessing open banking data?

What is the role of digital onboarding to protect vulnerable lenders?

Is a digital onboarding the right approach for your organisation?

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About PrinSIX

PrinSIX transforms digital customer journeys in regulated and risk environments by offering a fully flexible solution to orchestrate UX, communications, internal and third-party data sources, and third-party applications to optimise business’s commercial and risk objectives.  The platform combines digital and analytical technologies to allow the creation of hyper-personalised customer journeys without the need for IT development or maintenance.

Optimise digital onboarding by simplifying journeys, transforming understanding and accelerating improvement – achieving the optimal balance between Acquisition Cost and Lending Risk.

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