Digital customer onboarding for SOCIAL TARIFFS

PrinSIX makes the process easy and efficient for companies and customers alike

Personalised, orchestrated onboarding journeys

Social tariffs are a way for companies to provide financial assistance to customers on low income to reduce their energy bills.

With PrinSIX, financially vulnerable applicants can access services and benefits with a few taps on their smartphones.

• Very poor application journeys put significant barriers in customers’ way

• Regulatory pressure to increase visibility and accessibility of social tariffs

• Increasing demand for digital client self service

• Time to validating customers’  eligibility for social tariffs is long (3-4 weeks)

• Operational costs of validating and administering social tariffs is high

• Revenue leakage from an inability to regularly re-check applicant eligibility

• Inflexible internal systems and IT backlogs make technical solutions challenging

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Our Solution

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  • Personalised social tariff digital journeys ‘as short as they can be, but as long as they need to be’
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  • No requirement for internal IT ‘heavy lifting’ – PrinSIX orchestrates journeys with almost no technical change
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  • Open Banking is deployed to identify Universal Credit payments
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  • Document capture provides an alternative route to sharing evidence of eligibility
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  • Quickly configurable to specific business needs, either for all customers or a small cohort
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  • Back-office components support easy review and approval

Benefits of our SaaS Platform

Social tariffs are only provided to those who need them, and continue to need them

Application time is reduced from 4 weeks to 4 minutes

Fully scalable

Better customer experience means happier customers and higher NPS

Significantly reduced operational overhead and costs

Removes regulatory pressures


Digital platform PrinSIX partners with KCOM to open up access to the internet for hard to reach communities

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About Us

PrinSIX is a services-led digital platform for orchestrating unique customer onboarding journeys, one decision stage at a time.

Our business is very simple: We transform onboarding from being static, hard coded and inflexible, empowering business users to own their journeys. Supporting regulatory obligations while maximising profitability.

The PrinSIX platform:

Orchestrates dynamic conversations
that adapt to every applicant as more is understood

Integrates easily with third party services

Lets you personalise customer journeys, minimising abandonment by improving the customer experience

Removes IT from the journey development process

“By moving our Flex application online, leveraging developments in Open Banking, we are making it far easier and quicker for our customers to be accepted onto our Flex social tariff.”

—Tim Shaw, KCOM Chief Executive