PrinSIX Technologies is to attend Credit Summit 2021, 14th-16th June

What to Expect

The Credit Summit 2021 is an exclusive digital event organised by Credit Strategy with a focus on the most pressing issues faced by credit experts. Running 14th-16th June, attendees will be able to hear from industry experts, network with peers, find educational opportunities, and present their own ideas and work.

Across the three days, participants can explore the primary themes of Credit Summit 2021 – Credit Risk, Utilities and Telecoms, and Open Banking – whilst gaining opportunities in cross-industry learning.

PrinSIX at Credit Summit 2021

At the virtual event, PrinSIX will be part of the virtual exhibition, and on the 14th June, Julian Graham-Rack, Chief Executive of PrinSIX, is to lead a round-table discussion on the importance of digital onboarding to improve customer experience and reduce credit risk.

This announcement coincides with the release of PrinSIX’s video, which summarises the role of the PrinSIX platform in optimising onboarding to increase customer numbers and cut risks.

The Lending Challenge that the PrinSIX Platform Solves 

The fundamental challenge of customer onboarding today is the one size fits all approach. 

It means individual applicants face a myriad of questions that don’t apply to their circumstances.  There is also the risk that vulnerable applicants won’t be identified through the process. 

Digital onboarding results in the production of large amounts of data.  Yet, for many lenders, the application process remains largely ‘off-line’ and this data doesn’t get well used in decisioning.  Not only does this human-in-the-loop activity delay decisions, it reduces the commercial opportunities of lenders, creates sub-optimal customer experiences, and dramatically increases commercial and regulatory risks.

The solution is a digital onboarding platform that can tailor onboarding journeys to serve smaller cohorts of customer audience; that facilitates the design and constant iteration of onboarding journeys–achieved by taking IT out of the process.   PrinSIX democratises decisioning forms and algorithms.  Journeys are shaped by business data analysts (not IT people) that engage directly in the activity of shaping personalised lending journeys. For lenders, that’s great for business, and it ensures they don’t fall foul of regulatory demands.

Tickets cost £199, or for suppliers £499.

Your ticket to the virtual event will give you access to: all presentations across the three days, the virtual exhibition and networking functions with other participants. So, book your place today!

Go to the Credit Summit 2021 website to see the full agenda.

About PrinSIX

PrinSIX transforms digital customer journeys in regulated and risk environments by offering a fully flexible solution to orchestrate UX, communications, internal and third-party data sources, and third-party applications to optimise business’s commercial and risk objectives.  The platform combines digital and analytical technologies to allow the creation of hyper-personalised customer journeys without the need for IT development or maintenance.

Optimise digital onboarding by simplifying journeys, transforming understanding and accelerating improvement – achieving the optimal balance between Acquisition Cost and Lending Risk.

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