PrinSIX, the first digital platform that draws on Open Banking to empower businesses to make their customer onboarding decisions genuinely personalised, announces a partnership with internet services provider KCOM. The initiative will see families who may struggle to satisfy the acceptance criteria of the larger internet providers, receive a quick response to their applications and a greater chance of approval.

The PrinSIX technology takes applicants through an intuitive personalised application journey as opposed to the tick box approach used by other providers, meaning that the more difficult to reach have better access to a range of services from utilities to banking.

The partnership with KCOM will see faster and easier access to KCOM’s Social Flex tariff, opening up the world of the internet to those who may otherwise have been excluded from it.

CEO of PrinSIX, Julian Graham-Rack comments, “Our technology takes a different approach to understanding the detail of applicants’ backgrounds. Traditional assessment journeys create barriers for those in our communities that need most help, because they fail to understand the complexity of their individual circumstances quickly and simply. The PrinSIX approach treats each applicant as an individual, by making the process completely personalised and relevant to them. We are delighted to support KCOM in offering affordable access to the internet for many more people, meeting their day to day needs in the new digital world”

 “With so many people struggling with the cost of living right now, we’re determined to help our customers keep control of their household budgets. By moving our Flex application online leveraging developments in Open Banking we are making it far easier and quicker for our customers to be accepted onto our Flex social tariff.” says Tim Shaw, KCOM Chief Executive.

“And by reducing the price of our tariff we’re also reinforcing our commitment to making sure everyone has access to high quality, reliable broadband. It’s never been more important for our customers to have access to all the things that matter to them online – whether that’s working, doing homework, staying in touch with friends or family or just being able to pay bills or make appointments.”

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