Data Orchestration, Enrichment & Automation

All businesses have multiple systems, creating segregated data sources. Liberating the data held in these silos and unifying it to create usable insight that drives automation and customer management is however incredibly hard.

Data orchestration challenges

There are many technologies that can unify data for management information. The challenge when serving customers though is much more challenging.

Unifying the data from these different systems will provide a fuller picture of the customer that influences how a customer is served. Customer level data can be further enrichment at any point, in any customer’s individual journey, from any third-party data service, to provide deeper understanding when it is needed. This extraordinary level of insight, available real-time, drives customer journeys, creating better customer outcomes and commercial outcomes.

Commercial objectives

Serve customers better, based on a 360-degree view of their circumstances and risks.

Risk & Compliance objectives

Understand customers’ circumstances, with evidence, to ensure customers product usage is appropriate.

Operations objectives

Have a full picture of customers supports better automation and drives efficiency when agents are serving customers.

The PrinSIX solution

PrinSIX unifies data across every system, releasing its potential to serve customers better. PrinSIX can easily integrate with legacy systems, allowing the data to be liberated and used within the platform for insight, decisioning, operational processes

Reduce the need for change to legacy systems in the process.

Integrate to new data enrichment sources quickly.

Deploy data for decisioning using advanced analytics to make optimal decisions for customers and business.

Remove dependencies on IT to manage and maintain complex data management processes.

PrinSIX helps our clients liberate their data, quickly and efficiently, to serve their customers better.

Data Orchestration, Enrichment & Automation

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