Industry Challenges


Today, creating good digital self-service experiences is hard, slow and expensive

To serve customers well, digital engagement must understand an individual’s unique circumstances quickly and easily before serving them appropriately

Improve customer service outcomes by installing personalised digital journeys that adapt based on customer responses. Our ready-to-go digital transformation platform combines and orchestrates six key elements to create digital customer experiences and workflows. It equips business teams to get things done without IT roadblocks.

Digitally serve financially vulnerable customers needing urgent help and support

Reduce the operating overhead associated with complex or specialist customer needs

Satisfy OFCOM’s expectations in areas like access to social tariffs


Increase self-service completion by simplifying the customer experience

Integrate with internal and external systems in hours

Remove IT dependencies, configuring solutions in days, improving them in hour

Are you finding it harder to ‘say yes?’

With growing commercial and compliance pressures, it’s become ever more challenging to say yes to customers.

“Call centres just can’t cope”

It’s no secret, customer service teams are drowning in demand. Complaints have hit their highest level on record, and demands for service, boosted by the cost-of-living crisis, are stretching CS teams, leading to staff shortages, some 75,000 vacancies and rising.

If you want to more customers using self-service onboarding, you meed to offer something better than a one-size-fits-all onboarding approach

PrinSIX’s ready-to-use digital transformation platform allows you to create ‘listening’ customer onboarding solutions that optimise journeys for every applicant. 

It’s built for businesses that can only serve customers well when they understand them well.

With PrinSIX you can REDUCE FTE HANDLING TIME BY UP TO 90% while optimising customer and commercial outcomes every time.  

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