Announcing The Arrival of Breathing Space

May 4, 2021 | Payments

Breathing Space

Yesterday’s arrival of Breathing Space should be celebrated.  Lenders’ forbearance obligations were already a core regulatory requirement of collections activities. Strengthening that requirement, and extending it to non-regulated debt, can only be positive. It is just another example of the regulator’s and government’s increasing expectations of how businesses protect vulnerable customers.  

Miss the biggest fin-tech story of the month?  In this article, we’ve put together a round-up of articles on the breathing space announcement.

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  • BBC News – People in problem debt get 60-day break scheme

  • – New scheme to give people in problem debt breathing space launched
  • FT Adviser – Treasury launches ‘breathing space’ scheme for problem debt
  • Yahoo finance – Scheme launched to support people struggling with debt
  • Money Saving Expert – New help for millions in debt crisis – you can now get two months’ ‘breathing space’ from interest and enforcement action

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