Orchestrate digital customer journeys with PrinSIX

Empowering businesses to make every onboarding experience simple and personalised

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Digital platform PrinSIX partners with KCOM to open up access to the internet for hard to reach communities

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We make digital customer journeys personal

Onboard more suitable customers more efficiently, while reducing costs and regulatory risk

Our configurable SaaS platform is built on the principle of dynamic conversations.

An effective application process is tailored to each applicants’ individual circumstances. With our platform’s real-time analysis, customers get asked questions based on previous answers, making the application as concise as possible, dramatically improving conversion and customer experience.

Create high-performance digital customer journeys with the PrinSIX platform

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Achieve faster growth at lower risk. Move the design and execution of digital customer journeys out of IT and into commercial and operational teams.

By high-performance, we mean agile, customer converting, risk-mitigating and insightful.

Transform the customer experience by creating personalised journeys through real-time decisioning and journey analytics.

Digital customer onboarding challenges

56% of respondents have abandoned an online finance application Signicat

43% of surveyed cite ‘application process taking too long’ as the main reason for abandonment

Today’s journeys are inadequate and limited by technology

Most applications processes today are:


  • Inflexible
  • Impersonal
  • Expensive to create
  • Slow to improve

Who can benefit from our SaaS platform?

Businesses that need to understand their customer before serving them due to:


  • Regulatory risk
  • Fraud risk
  • Product design / complexity
  • Product eligibility

Re-imagine your onboarding platform

Convert more customers

Achieve higher uptake of offers from customers

Faster time-to-market

Implement journeys faster, overcome IT bottlenecks and reduce offline decisioning

Reduce cost to serve

Install a digital onboarding process that lowers cost of delivery


Ensure Compliance

Satisfy FCA regulatory obligations


New Customer Volume


Applicant Conversion


Bad Debt Reduction


Decrease in Fraud

*Actual figures based on the experiences of a UK-based alternative lender

We empower high-performance digital customer journeys that:

Optimise customer conversion

Harvest data (including Open Banking) and personalise journeys to make sure every digital customer journey is as short as it needs to be, as long as needed to complete a thorough review.

Embed decisioning into processes

Reach the right decisions faster by taking the human out of the loop where appropriate.

Balance opportunity and risk

Manage financial vulnerability and regulatory risk by identifying identities, circumstances and where they’re starting their journey from.

Built in agile IT

Place the design of digital customer journeys into the hands of business people, removing IT bottlenecks and costs.

What to expect

More customers

Optimise the acquisition funnel

Better customers

Optimise risk and customer value

Lower costs

Make more use of resources


Risk management

Oversight over commercial and compliance risk

Let’s discuss how to best leverage digital onboarding software for your business.

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