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*Actual figures based on the experiences of a UK-based alternative lender

We power your digital transformation

In the early 2000’s, the Content Management System (CMS) was invented to take management of website content out of IT and empower the business to manage it.

PrinSIX takes the same approach to business digitisation.  We call it the Digital Management System (DMS).  We empower the business to build, manage and improve customer engagement and business efficiency through data and analytics

The Digital Transformation Journey Graphic


  • Manual procedures
  • Flexible, but not scalable
  • Inefficient and expensive
  • Inconsistent
  • Legacy IT blocking change


  • Hard coded and static
  • Owned by IT department
  • Treat everyone the same
  • Slow/expensive to build, inflexible to change
  • Inaccessible customer insight & intelligence


  • Code free, agile SaaS platform
  • Drives efficiency/profitability
  • Bespoke customer engagement
  • Owned and delivered by the business, not IT
  • Automates repetitive processes
  • Fast deployment—Live in weeks
  • Facilitates deep insight

Where are you on your digital journey?  Don’t be a laggard.  Accelerate digitalisation with PrinSIX.

Accelerate digital transformation with ready-to-deploy tech

The purpose of every business is to win customers.  The irrefutable truth is that digital onboarding is the most critical of business processes in a digital era.  But, today’s digital transformation solutions are inadequate, limited by technology.  Our actionable no-code digital transformation platform combines and orchestrates six elements to create digital workflows and onboarding solutions.

PrinSIX Digital Transformation Model


Digital platform PrinSIX partners with KCOM to open up access to the internet for hard to reach communities

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