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For Customer Service

Realise operational efficiencies with greater controls

Do you find that your digital journeys only go so far, and any complexity gets passed to operations? That’s because today’s one-size fits all customer journeys aren’t good enough

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You can only serve customers well when you understand them well.

Unlock the potential of online customer self-service applications, and reduce FTE handling time by up to 90% with digital onboarding.

With the arrival of the FCA’s Consumer Duty, companies will need to understand their customers better than ever before serving them. This increasing regulatory expectation will increase the number of ‘maybe’ – customers you don’t want to say no to but can’t yet say yes to. And how do you understand a maybe? Through expensive and slow operational procedures.

What if your digital journeys could understand the maybes? Journeys that are personal to them, ask relevant questions to their circumstances and listen to the response?

That is the power of PrinSIX. Our ready-to-go digital transformation platform equips business teams to combine and orchestrate six elements to create ‘listening’ customer experience, workflows and onboarding solutions, reducing FTE handling time by up to 90%.


Present more self-service customer experiences, only getting operations involved if they have to


Provide a unified multi-channel experience, across web, mobile and call centre


Create very focused actions, aligning expensive operational resources on the job to be done

Archive a record of every step – a full audit of who did what, when

Drive personalised contact strategies – dialler, SMS, email, letter – based on predictive analytics