PrinSIX Economic Model

A lender’s economic future is simple. Recruit customers who will deliver long-term revenues that are materially larger than their associated costs.  A lender’s regulatory future is similarly uncomplicated.  Make sure lending delivers good customer outcomes. While the theory is simple, optimal execution of each component is difficult.  Delivering both concurrently is highly complex.

The PrinSIX Model Graphic

Balancing Risk with Reward

Developed from extensive experience of managing this challenge, the PrinSIX Model articulates the core elements of effective onboarding.  The three direct commercial pillars of an optimized business model are efficient marketing, careful commercial risk control and long term customer revenues.  

All must be delivered within a complex environment of regulation, conflicting internal objectives and overheads.  The PrinSIX Model is a framework to assess any business onboarding activity against, helping identify opportunities and threats to maximizing outcomes for customers and lenders. 

The PrinSIX technology platform has been created to provide all of the sophisticated tools, methods and insights to execute the PrinSIX approach.

The PrinSIX Economic Model

The PrinSIX Model Graphic