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Optimise acquisition funnels and win more customers

With rising vulnerability safeguarding and compliance demands, it’s become harder to say yes to customers

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For companies that need to know their customers intimately before they can serve them, it’s become increasingly difficult to balance regulatory and commercial risk with opportunity

Customer onboarding solutions are today a one-size-fits-all, limited by technology. Our ready-to-use digital transformation platform equips business teams to combine and orchestrate six elements to create digital workflows and onboarding solutions – without IT roadblocks.


Save money

Spend marketing budget in the right places, through journey segmentation

Secure customers

Increase application conversion without raising commercial and compliance risk

Cut costs

Connect customer acquisition cost to customer value

Customer journey

Deploy bespoke digital onboarding in days to support new campaigns

Add more customers

Continually optimise journeys, without IT dependencies

The average business loses 3 in every 4 new customer applicants. That’s bad news for customers and your business.

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Understand applicants better to serve them better

What if your digital onboarding could serve EVERY customer in a way that maximises outcomes without adding undue commercial and compliance risk?

The PrinSIX team are ‘hunters turned gamekeepers’ – we optimise onboarding experiences for businesses that can only serve customers well when they understand them well. We’ve created a ‘listening’ digital onboarding engine that balances optimal outcomes for providers and customers.

You need an onboarding experience that ‘listens to’ and understands every customer to serve them well. The secret, then, is to personalise every onboarding experience, not force applicants through a long winded one-size-fits-all process.

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