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Gain first-mover advantage by passing your business the reins

Everyone talks about placing the design of digital customer onboarding journeys into the hands of businesspeople, removing IT bottlenecks and costs.  Our ready-to-use digital transformation platform does just that.

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The Benefits

Fuelled by the need to gain first-mover advantage in digital transformations, the number of projects IT teams are being asked to deliver has increased by 40 per cent since before the pandemic.

PrinSIX supplies a SaaS based digital transformation platform that businesses use to create ‘listening’ self-service digital solutions.  The result?   Organisations like yours can make more informed decisions, that balance commercial opportunity with commercial and compliance risk, all while optimising customer experience and customer outcomes.

Thanks to the use of unique no-code tooling, it places the user experience, workflows, decisioning and integrations into the hands of business teams, freeing up technical teams to concentrate on other areas of IT.

Empower business units to design and release personalised digital onboarding

Implement no code smart digital onboarding, configuring components in days, improving them in hours

Leverage any internal and external data services including Open Banking, to better assess potential risk and vulnerability


Substantively cut manual interventions for decisioning through automation

Serve up powerful commercial and compliance performance insights, bringing transparency over onboarding processes

Deploy rich multi-channel UI digital onboarding experiences