Industry Challenges


More customers are struggling. Serving customers is becoming harder, more expensive and slower. Regulatory expectations are rising, and the implications of getting it wrong more dangerous. Commercial objectives are getting tougher to deliver.

We make it easier for you to fully understand your customer before you can serve them. We increase digital self-service, improving customer experience and reducing operational cost.

Customer onboarding solutions are today a one-size-fits-all, limited by technology. Our ready-to-go digital transformation platform equips business teams to combine and orchestrate six elements to create ‘listening’ digital workflows and onboarding solutions – without IT roadblocks.

Digitally serve financially vulnerable customers needing urgent help and support

Reduce operating costs associated with complex or specialist customer needs

Satisfy OGEN and OFWAT s expectations in areas like customers in arrears

Increase self-service completion by simplifying the customer experienc

Integrate with internal and external systems and data services in hours

Remove IT dependencies, configuring solutions in days improving them in hour

Are you helping customers with the cost of living crisis as much as you’d like?
Do you have capacity to serve social tariff requests affordably, even when 1 in 5 applicants aren’t a fit?
Is your business equipped to embrace the FCA’s Consumer Duty guidelines ‘by design?
If the answer to any of these is no, you won’t be on your own. A one-size-fits-all onboarding approach fails to provide the answers you need for any of these strategically important questions.

If the cost of living crisis weren’t enough of a headache to deal with, Utilities face a new set of compliance challenges next year with the introduction of the FCA’s Consumer Duty.   One of the bigger challenges is to turn your Consumer Duty agenda into operational norms that produce the best outcomes. Research suggests, while 90% of firms rate their response to the Consumer Duty as one of their top three priorities, some 87% of firms say they need to implement key technology changes to deliver on the Duty. Furthermore, 64% are not confident this will be completed by the April 2023 deadline.

PrinSIX supples a ready-to-deploy digital transformation platform that Utilities firms use to orchestrate their self-service customer onboarding journeys.  Our ‘listening’ digital onboarding approach will allow you to personalise onboarding journeys (and decisioning) to better serve the financially vulnerable and embed behaviours that frame your consumer duty policies into daily operations by design.

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