Vulnerability and Risk


These articles focus on the subject of lending compliance risk and the consequential impacts of poor lending behaviors.

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Launch of Leeds based fintech start-up set to tackle inclusion

Here at PrinSIX, we aim to revolutionise and simplify the way that the financially vulnerable access financial and utility services.

financially vulnerable person calculating debt

Horror Stories and Bad Debt: How can we tackle financial vulnerability?

The UK is a nation in debt Horror stories about payday lenders and tv programmes about high court enforcement litter the national media. Indeed, financial vulnerability is prevalent throughout British society, and it is easy to stumble across examples of ‘bad debt’...
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Is KYC enough? Why lenders and service providers are failing to fully manage compliance risk.

Is KYC enough to assure regulatory compliance? Here is why most lenders and service providers are failing to fully manage compliance risk.

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How well are digital journeys protecting the financially vulnerable?

For financial services vulnerable customers are a key concern. PrinSIX software can improve onboarding to support the financially vulnerable

principle 6

Checklist: Embracing FCA’s Principle 6 by Design

The FCA’s Principle 6 - 'A firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly.' Compliance or culture?The lenders’ balancing actConsumer lending today is hard. In addition to the competition that exists in any financial services segment,...

Vulnerability – How Effective Are Digital Customer Journeys?

When potential vulnerability is identified, what are effective mitigation strategies? How do we give lenders more tools than decline?