Lending Risk


Here you can find our latest articles and insights on the subject of lending risk management, consumer vulnerability and the enactment of FCA’s Principle 6 – ‘treating customers fairly’.

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Regulating for better outcomes – next steps in consumer credit

The FCA has published a speech on consumer credit focusing on consumer outcomes and needs, particularly for those in a vulnerable position.

Breathing Space

Announcing The Arrival of Breathing Space

Today’s arrival of the Breathing space should be celebrated.

credit risk

Managing And Monitoring Credit Risk After The COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic-triggered recession has led banks to move more quickly to build real-time data and analytics into their credit-decision engines.

Vulnerable customers

Stronger Imperatives for Action for Vulnerable Customers

The pandemic’s impact has led to an increase in the incidence & complexity of consumer vulnerabilities. Discover the areas where firms need to take action.